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My Story: following Dharma

I have been on a journey of self healing for many years now. 

As a young child I found purpose in my life by giving to others, without regard for my own well being. I learned many modalities trying to find yet another way to help those in need. Thinking that my salvation was in the world around, I neglected my own inner voice. I started to become burnt out, but still I pushed on.

In 2012 following my graduation of 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training through DevaTree (and after projecting the intention of "being the best healer I could be"), I became the passenger in a rollover accident in an ATV leaving me with catastrophic injuries. My healing journey has taken me on several ups and downs that I am still living with, but the stress eased once I finally came back to my yoga training years later.


After completing several more trainings to find myself again and to practice self-love (because how could I love myself after being so broken), I then realized that I had unintentionally "asked" for the accident to happen.... 

In order to truly understand and help others through their obstacles, I would have to experience it as well, otherwise it is just an assumption or hypothesis of what that person is experiencing.

               "To continue my healing became an exercise in the power 

            of integrity and an opportunity to go to healing places I could

             one day lead other people through.... Through knowledge of 

              our own wounds we learn to acknowledge the wounds of 

                others with compassion." -- Susan J. Wright, 

                                                                  The Chakras in Shamanic Practice

Now that I feel confident and in control of who I am again, I can return to my dharma wholeheartedly (but also with the lesson of self preservation!)...

    To guide others towards their personal growth and realizations by embodying a holistic view of healing through the body, mind and spirit.

Tiffany "Karuna" Dumont

              RYT-500, RCYT


       Yoga Teacher/Therapist

        Ayurvedic Practitioner

        Shamanic Practitioner


      Ear Candling Practitioner

             Reiki Practitioner