Yoga Services


Hatha Yoga

"Ha" (meaning sun) and "Tha" (meaning moon) seems to encompass it all, a true balance. Combining vinyasa flow, self-awakening yoga, pranayama and some mindful meditation along with yogic philosophies, this practice will leave you feeling whole and complete. 

Yoga Therapeutics

 Proper alignment is a large part of keeping our bodies healthy, but what happens when injury or dis-ease takes hold? Yoga Therapy slows down the movements that are found in a standard yoga class. This allows the mind to trigger the proper muscles and ligaments to take action while holding the structural alignment. Together with specific techniques and props to release overworked muscles, training to increase strength, importance of breath work, Restorative (and the parasympathetic nervous system), and facial release, relief is on it's way!!

                                            Private Sessions Available


Quieting the mind can be quite the challenge, especially in todays busy world. Taking the time to reconnect is a crucial part of our mental health, even if it's just for 5 "noisy" minutes. Meditation is for everyone, despite what we often tell ourselves. There are many different types of meditation, so finding one that suits your needs at that particular moment just requires patience and an openmind to try different methods.  Meditation is a practice, and like anything else we practice it takes time to see results.

Chakra balancing

Chakras are the energy wheels that are found within our body, and also the world around us. Each has a unique property to it, and each are connected to one another. Through trama and stress these energy wheels can become blocked or altered, which can put our body in a state if dis-ease. Depending on the event will determine which chakra(s) has been effected. There are different methods that can be taken to achieve balance yet again.  Specific yoga practices, meditation, sound healing, Reiki, Shamanic journey work, reflexology...just to name a few.

Ayurvedic yoga classes

Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga. It brings in the wisdom of the elements and how they react with one another both in the world around us and within. It allows us to be aware of how we can use that knowledge to shape our world. And it's all done on the mat!

Children's Yoga

A fun and playful way of engaging kids to listen to their own selves to become strong individuals. Games, mindful practices and songs allow the children to connect to themselves through connecting with the community.